Estate / Estate Profile

Established in 2001, Zhongshan Dasin Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Dasin Real Estate) is an enterprise with Top national real estate development qualification under the wings of Dasin Holdings. It has abundant experience and leading ability in terms of the development of multiple types of properties, such as mid to high-end residential properties, corporate office suites, retail properties, serviced apartments and hotels.

Dasin Real Estate has completed projects, with the total construction area of 6 million square meters. It comprises of various brand products which have been popular in the regional real estate market. This includes, the "Dasin Metro Mall" series with the integration of urban concept, the "Residence series" for mid to high-end residential  properties such as Dasin Coastal Garden, Dasin Green Garden, Dasin New Garden, Dasin Fashion Garden, the "Mansion series" type of exquisite apartments such as Dasin Golden Horse Mansion, Dasin Xindu Mansion, Dasin Xingyao Mansion, and the "Dasin Hotel" series, "Holiday Inn".

Estate Overview