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Zhongshan Dasin Liantang Outpatient Department is the first entity organization of Dasin Holding Medical Investment Co., Ltd. It is a new-type comprehensive medical organization set in strict accordance with the standards of national comprehensive outpatient department, with complete disciplines, such as diagnosis and treatment, nursing, inspection, imaging, check-up and health management.

The equipment is advanced, with complete types. The diagnosis and treatment equipment is of high standard, high configuration and advanced performance. All the medical equipment is brand-new and imported international famous brands, such as Philips. It ensures the completeness of critical illness diagnosis and medical checkup of the Outpatient Department, and even Level II and Level III hospitals.

The outpatient department has a professional medical team with excellent techniques, with 33% employees of senior professional titles and outstanding technical advantages of experts. Most experts are department directors and vice presidents of "3A" hospitals within the city, who have abundant clinical treatment and diagnosis experience, senior level of professional skills and quality medical ethics. The special specialty of the outpatient department -- "Diabetes Specialty" is composed of 5 elites led by Professor Zhu Kaisi, Director of Secretion Department of The 305 Hospital of People's Liberation Army.

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