Dasin Obtains Another "Son" in Xiaolan and Continues with Business Prosperity

On August 30, the representatives of Dasin and Xiaolan East District signed the contract and Dasin formally obtained the leasehold of "Longshan Shopping Center", which is located at the most core of Xiaolan Town and adjacent to the high-end residence of Longshan Huafu, thus adding another "son" to Dasin's commercial layout in Xiaolan Town. This successful bidding highlights Dasin Holdings' strategy and determination of vigorously developing the commercial complex, and indicates that Dasin continues to be optimistic about the commerical prospect and potential of Zhongshan and Xiaolan in the spanning development of Greater Bay Area. After the project is transformed, the brand-new shopping center with the strong commercial characteristics of Dasin is predicted to brilliantly come on stage at the beginning of the next year, and create a fashionable Dasin new world for citizens around Xiaolan.

The total construction area of "Longshan Shopping Center" is around 53,000 square meters. The project is located at Longshan Road, Xiaolan Town and close to Line 2 of Xiaolan Urban Rail, with excellent traffic location. The project jointly creates the strongest commercial center of Xiaolan with Dasin Xiaolan Metro Mall, 118 Square, Pacific Square and Dasin Yinghuali Metro Mall subordinate to Dasin. Meanwhile, the businesses conduct staggered management and provides diversified selections for Xiaolan citizens.

Xiaolan Town is a national-level key town, and central town (county-level) of Guangdong Province, enjoying an important status in the economy, population, traffic and urban construction size of Zhongshan City. Its GDP in 2018 was around 30 billion yuan, with great commercial values. This time, Dasin's successful bidding of "Longshan Shopping Center" will upgrade and transform it to the modernized multi-functional commercial complex. It will continue to work with the commercial projects of Dasin to rebuild the new-round prosperous landscape and set up a new cultural landmark and commercial model for Xiaolan to gradually step into the Central Town of Greater Bay Area.

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