CSR Introduction

Dasin public service center in April 2015 by the Zhongshan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau will review the formal registration and establishment. The aim is to: abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policy, abide by social morality, and actively promote the "true", "good", "beauty" of positive energy transfer, to create a "harmonious society" building blocks. Since its inception has been about its purpose of carrying out various public and non-profit activities.Dasin is a harmonious and friendly company; Dasin people, a group of kind and lovely person, company over the years public charity, like sowing the seeds of love and care in the future Dasin Public and Dasin people continue cultivating this good earth , down to earth watering welfare nourishment, love and care so that grow in large letters, root, flower and bear fruit, so that Dasin public concern culture and fraternity spirit of mutual help and improve and heritage.