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Zhongshan Dasin Catering Co., Ltd., founded in May 2014, Xin Garden total of 12 stores. It carries forward Cantonese cuisine, inherits Cantonese food culture, continues to make innovations, and combines traditional Cantonese food culture with new food culture, which has become a new catering chain brand in Zhongshan.

Dasin Catering strives to create the food environment of "famous restaurants, famous chefs and famous dishes". In 2017, "Xin Garden" was recognized as the first "most influential commercial district" and the most distinctive restaurant brand in Zhongshan by Zhongshan Daily Newspaper Group; Head chefs of its stores are very skilled in cooking, and many of them have won the titles of "National Famous Chef", "Chinese Cuisine Master", "Guangdong Cuisine Master", etc. and won many prizes in cooking competitions at all provincial and municipal levels.

In 2017 Dasin Catering won the honorary title of "Top 10 Most Favorite Dishes" in Zhongshan (Dongsheng) Crisped Grass Carp Food Culture Festival; A number of stores were rated as Catering Service Safety Quantitative Grading Management Grade A Unit, among which Xin Garden Ocean Store was rated as "See-through kitchen" demonstration unit of catering service in Zhongshan.