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Shiqi Zhongxin Primary School Dasin School in Zhongshan, located next to Dasin Coast garden, is a famous school in Zhongshan and a full-time primary school jointly run by Shiqi Zhongxin Primary School and Dasin Holdings. It's named as the first-class school in Guangdong, the national modern educational technology experimental school, the national model school of information technology and moral education in primary and middle schools, and the model school of mental health education in primary and middle schools in Guangdong.

It now has 1,970 students and 48 teaching classes. It has 174 teaching staffs, most of whom hold master's degree and double bachelor's degree.33 teachers are the national-level instructors of family education and 6 teachers become the national psychological consultants. Dasin School has strong teaching faculty. The teaching backbones assigned by Shiqi zhongxin Primary School, the experienced education elites recruited from nationwide and excellent graduates from famous universities constitute the first-rate education team of Dasin School.